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I am a ray of sunshine - starting fires and causing cancer.

A jack of all asses.


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Mission Statement

To be the best Internet jackass I can be and provide customers with unparalleled service in a completely non-sexual way.


The content of this blog is a celebration of irreverence. Its purpose is to entertain, connect and serve as a forum for my ranting, grumbles and over-sharing. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, parents, grandparents, civilized society, most animal species or myself when not menstruating. Quite frankly, they are the product of a deeply disturbed mind. In short, this blog is not for human consumption. If ingested, induce vomiting.


1 January 13
Habby Narwhal!
— My sister is going to think I’m drunk. Little does she know, I’m just dumb.
  1. tymethiefslongerthoughts said: BEST AUTO-CORRECT EVER!!!!!
  2. aimee-b-loved posted this
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